5 Surefire Tips to Build Your Vocabulary

5 Surefire Tips to Build Your Vocabulary

One of the biggest steps in language learning is building your vocabulary. The more words you learn, the easier it will be to communicate. But it’s also impossible to learn every word in the dictionary.

Fortunately, learning new words doesn’t work like that. Instead, it’s all about being aware of the right words to use in a conversation. You can devise these 5 strategies to level up your vocabulary game faster. 

1. Read books 

As cliche as it sounds, reading is the biggest vocabulary booster.

When you read, you get to explore different words and learn how they are used in certain situations.

Moreover, it’s the most distraction-free method to understand a language. While reading, you will get ample time to understand a word and use it in the right context.

The tricky part is choosing the right books to read. If you’re just starting to read, go for books that are easy to understand.

For example, abridged versions of classic stories or children’s books can be a good starting point.

Pro tip: Carry a small notebook to note the new words that you learn. This book will be evolved to become your go-to vocabulary source.

2. Watch TED Talks

TED Talks are an inspirational source of learning. TED speakers talk about a particular subject to an audience. It can be anything from technology to philosophy.

Choose a topic of your interest from the TED Talks YouTube channel and you’re good to start. The speakers will be using many persuasive words to command the interest of their audience.

You can take note of these words to use them at a later stage.

3. Keep a journal 

Keeping a journal to record your thoughts is a great way to build your vocabulary. Write about your day using simple words.

You can use the words you’ve learned in your journal to talk about your routine. Plus, journaling is also an effective way to improve your mental health.

4. Group words based on their meanings

One interesting way to build your vocabulary is by grouping words together by meaning. You can create a note to record the words with similar meanings.

For example, you might learn words like outstanding, superlative, or magnificent to describe something really good. You can use these words while appreciating your friends or colleagues for their positive actions.

5. Re-write news headlines

This is an advanced exercise to boost your vocabulary if you regularly check out the news. Try rewriting the headlines of important news without losing the meaning.

Doing so will put your vocabulary skills to the test because news headlines are precise and to the point. When you try to rewrite them, you’ll need to rampage through all the words you know to find the perfect replacements.

Wrapping up

Building a ready-to-use vocabulary at your disposal comes in handy when you communicate with people.

Additionally, people with better vocabulary are 2x more effective in their communication than those with limited vocabulary.

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