About Us.

English Learning Reimagined.

English House took shape when two language enthusiasts, Jinas and Shafeel, backed by a rock-solid team of aspiring trainers, rolled up their sleeves to teach English and turn every student into a passionate learner. From a small team hustling to help learners worldwide, we have become the go-to English training partner for thousands of students like you.

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Why English House?


Personal attention:

Learn English directly from your mentor, one-on-one.


Learn anywhere

You can learn from any part of the world at your convenience, anytime.




Learn better with audio-based lessons to understand language deeply and speak like a pro.



Immersive Experience

Shrug off your boredom with an immersive experience that makes language learning fun, effective and exciting.


Comprehensive course

Our course covers everything - from grammar and vocabulary to accent and pronunciation, and comes with lifetime accessibility.

What our students say.

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How English House Works.

Daily interactive sessions with personal mentors to level up your language skills.

Our courses are designed to suit your busy schedule. You can take up to six months to complete the course and learn English at your own pace.

Put everything you learn into practice and become fluent in English faster with our daily activities focused on practical experience.
Never let grammar and vocabulary be a hurdle to your communication. We replace yawn-inducing grammar and vocabulary classes with smart learning that lets you easily understand the finer aspects of English.

Get your assignments and progress reviewed by experts and speed up your journey to English fluency.

Learn big on a light pocket! Our courses are super-affordable and give you lifetime value.

Receive certification upon completion of your course, which helps you move ahead faster in your career.

Learn English usage through intent-driven & entertaining social media videos created by our team.

How our courses help you grow.

learn every aspect of English from experts.

tackle every hurdle & inhibition to English fluency through one-on-one mentorship.

level up your soft skills, boost your personal growth & transform your career faster.