Learn English in two months

Is it possible to learn English in just two months?

Do you think you can learn English in two months. A question that has popped up in your mind at least once when you saw advertisements of online English training academies as you scrolled through your feed on Facebook or Instagram. And you must have concluded on your own- a big NO. It’s just an advertising tactic!

That’s simply because you look for the end result alone, of being able to speak without pauses, without mistakes, with an accent, just like how a native speaker speaks. But learning a language is about taking tiny steps each day, making bit by bit progress, and most importantly about unlearning what you have learnt wrong.

We have all learnt English from the textbooks, we have scored decent marks. But are we able to speak English with confidence even when we rightly know what to speak?

Will I make mistakes? Is this grammatically correct? Will my friends mock me? What will they think of me? And an umpteen other questions run through our minds when somebody begins to converse in English.

Remember that knowing English isn’t a parameter to assess one’s intelligence. English is just a medium of communication, the knowledge of which gives you the confidence to face a crowd, travel anywhere, and excel in your education and career.

Take into consideration, Josemon, the young and bankrupt protagonist of the 2020 Malayalam flick, ‘Kilometers and Kilometers’, played by the charismatic Tovino Thomas, who spoke ‘broken’ English after referring to a handbook of Malayalam to English translations that he carried along while he drove around an American tourist on his bike throughout India and they finally ended up falling in love! For him, necessity was the mother of invention. And he never postponed putting his learning into practical use. This is where most of us go wrong!

  • We have our fundamental grammatical concepts, although most of them in confused states.
  • We know the basic words to be put into use, but we have never used them.
  • We have theoretical knowledge, but no practical experience.
  • Language learning can effectively reflect in your speaking only if you try to speak it from Day 1.

How English house helps you to Learn English in two months

We, at English House, Kerala’s best online English training academy have planned our syllabus in such a way that the things you need in daily life – to interact with people at public places, your workplace, etc are those that we focus on.

You are assigned a personal trainer with whom you can talk without the fear of being judged. So you start putting your learning into practical use from day 1.

And at the end of these two months, look back and find out for yourself how far you have come.

A long way to go, yet there you are- a passionate learner of English who is now moulded to find out ways to improve and excel on his own, as there’s always room for improvement in learning! and if we want we can Learn English in two months.

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